There is nothing can stick to Teflon, Why?
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You will find out that actually there is nothing can stick to Teflon, and do you know why? Well, Teflon is a super magic thing. This is just how it works.

The most common thing that related to Teflon is in our daily life. Such as the Teflon non-stick grilling mats, which are widely used when cooking, grilling, baking. Based on the non-stick feature, the Teflon mats can make your life easy. This is when Teflon play its magic role.

The other application of Teflon is that it can be used in various kinds of industrials. When fabrics are coated with Teflon one side and the other side is the silicone adhesive, we called this excellent combination as "Teflon Fabric Tapes". It can be used at the Energy, Electronics, Food Industry, Aerospace, Automotive areas.